Model Model Synthetic Hair Weave Soft Wave 22"

Model Model Synthetic Hair Weave Soft Wave 22"

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  • ModelModel Synthetic Hair Weave Equal Soft Wave 22"

    "Equal" Collection looks and feels more like human hair than any other fiber in the market. Long Lasting and Easy to Manage, who knew "Beautiful" would be this fun?
    The Best in

    • LUSTER

    Curling Instruction

    • This product is made with Flame-Retardant Fiber for your safety, make sure that the package says "Flame-Retardant" before choosing a Heat-Resistant
    • Electric is recommended. (8 on heat setting of 1-10 scale, or H on High, Med, Low scale.) Although stove irons can be used, we do not recommend them because the temperature is much more difficult to control.
    • Gather desired amount of hair and comb through it. (You may use the sprays you normally use when using curling iron.)
    • Curl as usual. Depending on the amount of hair, hold the curl for 20 to 30 seconds.
    • Foe best results hold the curls shape in your hand until it cools (20-30 seconds.)